About Tanguar Haor (টাঙ্গুয়ার হাওড়):

Tanguar Haor is also known as Tangua Haor and Naikuri Kandar Chaikkudi Bil to the locals. Tanguar Haor is spread over an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers in Tahirpur and Dharmapasha Upazilas of Sunamganj district in Sylhet division. After the Sundarbans, it is the second internationally recognized Ramsar site or internationally important water body in Bangladesh.

Today we will take you to Sunamganj Tanguar Haor. And will share with you my travel experience, how to go Tanguar Haor, accommodation facilities, what to eat, and expenses. If you are planning to come to Tanguar Haor then hope our today’s article will be useful for you and you will get the details of Tanguar Haor travel from our today’s article. So keep reading the article without skipping.

How to go to Tanguar Haor:

We left for Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj by private car from Dhaka at 12.00 pm. If you want, you can directly reach Sunamganj by Shyamli Paribahan or Mamun Paribahan bus from the Syedabad bus stand in Dhaka. It will cost 820 Taka per person. And from the big bridge (বড় সেতু) built on the Surma river in Sunamganj, you will get Laguna, CNG, and motorcycles to go to Tahirpur.

  • Amazing view of Tanguar Haor
  • Beauty view of Tanguar Haor
  • crematorium in the middle of Haor
  • Enjoying journey on a Boat
  • Floating villages in Tanguar Haor
  • Hills in the Border of Bangladesh & Meghalaya
  • Meghalaya mountain view from Tanguar Haor
  • Tanguar Avijatrik tourist boat on the Haor
  • Tanguar Haor 2nd Ramsar site in Bangladesh
  • Team members photo session in Tanguar Haor
  • Tourist boat on the Hawor

Boat fare:

On reaching Tahirpur, we left the car with us at the police station and went to the boat station which was a short walk away, and hired an engine boat till evening for 2500 taka. If you want to have lunch on the boat, you can do some related shopping before boarding the boat. Our boat can comfortably accommodate 10-15 people and 8 people can sleep very comfortably at night. We are few in number and have no plans to stay overnight on the boat. You will have to spend 5000-6000 Taka for such a boat for an overnight stay. Our boat will take us to Niladri Lake, Takerghat via Tanguar Haor. Niladri Lake also known as Shaheed Siraj Lake. We will return to Tahirpur after visiting Niladri Lake and the bordering hills of Meghalaya.

Places to visit near Tanguar Haor:

Apart from Tanguar Haor and Niladri Lake, you can visit Barek Tila, Shimul Bagan, and Jadukata River here.

The beauty of Tanguar Haor:

Tanguar haor takes different forms in winter, summer, and monsoon. If you want to see waveless sea-like water, you must come here in the monsoon, and if you want to see guest birds, you must come during winter.

Swamp Forrest:

After a journey of 40-45 minutes, we arrived in front of a small swamp forest. Here we met more tourists and some more well-equipped travel boats. There is a watch tower here to observe the surrounding beauty. Here you will find mobile tea shops. We hired a small dinghy boat to go inside the swamp forest, spent 100 Taka, and took our afternoon bath like all the other tourists. A lady was selling swans standing in the water of this swamp forest. We bought 2 swans weighing 7-8 kg for 2300 Taka. Oh another thing, our little sailor’s singing voice is fantastic. And later came to know that he is popular over the internet & social media.

After bathing and buying swans, we left again. Now towards the Niladri lake of Takkerghat. On the way, we took pictures one by one, standing, sitting, shouting, and raising hands as we pleased. And as always, I love capturing this nature in a frame more than taking pictures of myself. This is my passion, and this is what I do. That distant mountain is visible now. We are very close to Niladri Lake and very close to Takerghat. That is Meghalaya. And just below the hill is Niladri Lake, our piece of Kashmir, our colorful Bangladesh. Our beautiful Bangladesh.


Tanguar Haor tour costs depend on how you are planning to approach the tour. If you are going alone or with a small group of people, your tour cost will be high per person. The cost will reduce a lot if you are going for the Tanguar tour with a good number of people. Cause the boat fare will be the same for whatever the number of people joining the trip. So, it is better to go in a group and hire a boat according to group size. Let’s take a look at the approximate tour cost for a 10 peoples group:

  • Dhaka to Sunamganj round trip bus fare: 1640/= Taka per person (Non AC Bus)
  • Sunamganj Boro Bridge to Tahirpur Bazar: 100/= Taka per person.
  • Boat from Tahirpur Bazaar to Takerghat: 300/= Taka per person (3000 for 10 People for a single day trip)
  • Or, Boat from Tahirpur Bazaar to Takerghat: 600/= Taka per person (6000 for 10 People for a night stay at Takerghat. 2 days trip)
  • Food Cost: 500/= Taka per person.
  • Barek Tila, Shimul Bagan, and Jadukata River tour by bike: 250/= Taka per person.
  • So, it will cost roughly around 3000 Taka per person if you are visiting with a 10 members group.

Check out our Tanguar Haor Travel video: