Bhaktapur is ranked among the top 10 cleanest cities in Asia as well as it is one of the smallest cities in Asia. Today we are going to Bhaktapur, a small town 1400 meters above sea level. The area of Bhaktapur is only 6.9 square kilometers.

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How to go to Bhaktapur:

We left Tribhuvan Airport in Kathmandu and after lunch, we went straight to this small and clean town located at a distance of 12 km from Kathmandu. There was no problem finding it as we had a travel agency car with us, but you can also rent a bike or car using the ride-sharing app Pathao and go directly to Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

Entry Ticket Price:

Bhaktapur entry ticket price is 1500 rupees, the tickets are printed on handmade paper and the ticket printing has an old-school, heritage-type flavor. The maintenance work here is mainly done with the ticket sales money.

Things to know about the ancient City:

UNESCO has designated Bhaktapur as a World Heritage Site since 1979. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal. More than 3 lakh foreign tourists visit here every year. Bhaktapur is famous for numerous festivals and carnivals like Biska Yatra and Saparu.

Earthquake in Bhaktapur:

For your information, Nepal is an earthquake-prone country. Earthquakes occur here at least once every 3 years and major earthquakes are felt once every 70 years. Many temples of Bhaktapur were damaged and destroyed in the earthquakes of 1833 and 1934, but the people and the administration preserved the ones that are still here very well.

Temples in Bhaktapur:

Durbar Square has Pashupatinath Temple, Yakshewor Mahadev Temple, Chayasalin Mandap, Siddhi Laxmi Temple, Fasi Dega Temple, Vatsala Durga Temple, Golden Gate, Ugrachandi & Bhairab Statues. It is said that the hand of the architects who made the statues here was cut off. So that they could not make similar architecture elsewhere.

King Ananda Deva founded the city in the 12th century AD and later shifted the capital of his kingdom here.

What Bhaktapur is famous for:

Bhaktapur is also famous for Juju Dhau. Juju Dhau is a special yogurt made from buffalo milk that is very popular among local and foreign tourists. This special curd is also called the “King of Curds”.

Bhaktapur’s Pottery and handicrafts are also known throughout the country. Bhaktapur’s blacksmith pottery and handicrafts have a long-standing reputation. A visit to the buildings, kothas, temples, markets, and showpiece shops here will help you to know their creativity.
Juju Dhau, Kulfi, blacksmiths, potters, culture, festivals, food, and traditions here belong to Newa tribes.

Things to enjoy in Bhaktapur:

There are several restaurants and coffee shops within Darbar Square. If you want, you can enjoy the beauty of Bhaktapur with a cup of tea or coffee in your hand on a cold winter afternoon. If you know about the history and traditions of this place, to you the beauty of this place increases to a great extent.

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