Sreemangal is the Tea Capital of Bangladesh. To some people, it is the queen of beauty. There are many places to visit in and around Sylhet, but this place is something special. Sreemangal is a place where you can go deep inside nature, into raw beauty. There is a lot to explore in Sreemangal and around.

About Sreemangal:

Sreemangal Thana was established in 2012 during the British period in this continent. It is popularly known that Sreemangal was named after two brother name Sri Das & Mangal Das who lived hereby the Haor. Sreemangal is an Upazilla of Moulibazar District. Sreemangal Pourasava was established in 1935. The south part of the Upazilla is bordered by Tripura of India. Sreemangal has an area of 425.15 square kilometers.

Cha Konnya Statue in Sreemangal, Moulvibazar

What is there in Sreemangal:

Business, trade, history, heritage, nature, food & tourism industry everything to attract people is available here. Sreemangal is such a place where you can see the beautiful tea gardens, lakes & haors, guest birds, waterfalls & wildlife as well. Let’s move forward toward the Tea Capital of Bangladesh and check the tourist spots available here for tourists.

Tea Garden (চা বাগান):

People visit a lot of places here and there around Sreemangal, but the main attraction here is the beauty of the Tea garden. The tea garden’s beauty will start revealing from the Rashidpur Gas Field area and it will remain the same during the whole Sreemangal trip. The tea garden area near Cha Konnya Memorial will fascinate you for sure. Take a break, go deep into the garden, and capture great portraits with this endless green. Apart from this, you can visit tea gardens in Kamalganj as well.

Tea garden in Kamalganj, Moulvibazar

Madhabpur Lake (মাধবপুর লেক):

Madhabpur lake is one most visited places in Sreemangal. Here you can enjoy the unique view of Madhabpur lake & National tea state together. Wildlife like monkeys & birds is seen regularly here along with tea garden & lake. Madhabpur lake is an artificial lake formed on the year of 1965 to ensure water supply in the tea garden. Here you can buy Tea leaves as well from the National tea states’ Tea sales centers.

Lawachara National Park (লাওয়াছড়া ন্যশনাল পার্ক):

Lawachara National Park is one of the tourist attractions located near the Sreemangal Upazila Parishad and not far from Madhabpur lake. This Park is 10.8 kilometers away from the Sreemangal center. This is a reserve forest rich with wildlife and raw greeneries. 460 types of plants are preserved here & different types of birds, animals, and snakes can be seen here with the help of guides.

  • Basic information about Lawachara national park
  • Information board of Lawachara National Park
  • Lawachora Park entrance gate
  • Wildlife information board of Lawachara National Park

Nilkantha Tea Cabin (নীলকণ্ঠ টি কেবিন):

Nilkantha Tea Cabin is a popular tea store. Tourists use to visit the store to taste the 8 color tea. The Nilkantha Tea Cabin is located in front of the Sreemangal BGB gate. If you are in Sremangal you must visit this interesting place to witness the taste of the famous 8-color tea.

Eight color tea at Nilkantha Tea Cabin, Sreemangal

Hum Hum Waterfall (হাম হাম ঝর্ণা):

Hum Hum Waterfall is a popular destination for adventure lovers. It is situated in the Razkandi reserve forest in the Moulvibazar district. The trekking path to the waterfall is as hard as the elegance of the Hum Hum waterfall. It is a 3 and half hours trekking path to reach this beautiful waterfall. The charming walkway to the waterfall you may enjoy a lot but the leeches are something here you can’t avoid.

Madhabkunda Waterfall (মাধবকুন্ড ঝর্ণা):

Madhabkunda Waterfall is another waterfall in the Moulvibazar district tourists use to visit as it is much easier to reach comparing Hum Hum Waterfall. This waterfall is situated in Madhabkunda Eco Park in Barlekha Upazila of the Moulvibazar district. Madhabkunda waterfall is 72 kilometers away from Sreemangal, but still easily accessible as you can drive or hire a vehicle directly to the Madhakunda Eco Park.

Baikka Beel(বাইক্কা বিল):

Baikka Beel is a reserved wetland sanctuary for birds and fishes located just 30 minutes driving distance from Sreemangal Sadar. Thousand of birds and many migrants are seen in this Beel a part of Hail Haor. There is a watch tower in this Beel where you can use binoculars to observe the birds. A great place to know about migrant birds and educate your children about nature and birds. Swimming, fishing, and boating are prohibited in the Beel.

  • Birds-inroduction-board-in-Baikka-Beel
  • Birds-inroduction-chart-in-Baikka-Beel
  • Birds-inroduction-chart-in-Baikka-bil
  • Baikka-Beel-biodiversity
  • Information-board-of-Baikka-Beel

Shitesh Babu’s Zoo (সিতেশ বাবুর চিড়িয়াখানা):

A private zoo named after its owner Mr. Shitesh Babu. Extremely neat & clean, and well-maintained. This zoo is just 1.5 kilometers away from Sreemangal town. Various animals & birds are available in this zoo. It is a good choice for parents if they have a child with them.

Where to eat in Sreemangal:

Paanshi Restaurant is a favorite one for many tourists to have a meal in Sreemangal. There are also other quality restaurants around the city.

Panshi-Restaurant, Sreemangal

Places to Stay in Sreemangal:

There are a lot of hotels & resorts to stay in Sreemangal. Hotels and resorts are available in all price ranges. Here is a top list of hotels & resorts we prefer.

  1. Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf
    Mobile Number: +8809678785959
  2. Rangauti Resort – রাঙ্গাউটি রিসোর্ট
    Mobile Number: +8801780203350
  3. Lemon Garden Resort & Spa
    Mobile Number: +8801779626330
  4. Balishira Resort
    Mobile Number: +8801766557760
  5. DuSai Resort & Spa
    Mobile Number: +8801617005511
  6. Novem Eco Resort
    Mobile Number: +8801709882001
  7. Tea Heaven Resort
    Mobile Number: +8801708033544
  8. Shanti Bari Eco Resort
    Mobile Number: +8801716189288
  9. The Palace Luxury Resort
    Mobile Number: +8801910001000
  10. Green Park Tea Resort
    Mobile Number: +8801748908038

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