Debtakhum (দেবতাখুম) is one best destination in the Bandarban district and can be visited within a day from Dhaka. Took two days off from a life of boredom and busyness. Came to Bandarban hoping to find vitality in the silence of mountains, secluded green forest, chirping birds, and mirror of clear water. Bandarban has never disappointed me. I have always returned from Bandarban with more than expected. This two-day itinerary includes a leisurely afternoon on the Sangu River and a day to enjoy the secluded, cool beauty of Debotakhum.

  • Portrait of the Khum
  • Tourists waiting for Boat
  • Tourists exploring the Khum
  • Sweating hill
  • Shadow play in the water
  • Narrow space between two hills in Debotakhum
  • Shilbandha Para
  • Shilbandha Para
  • Pong Shu Ong Khum
  • Trekking path of Debotakhum
  • Nai Aiyong Bandarban
  • Tourists enjoying kayaking
  • Narrow space between two hills in Debotakhum
  • Group in tour
  • Group in tour
  • Green water in khum
  • Debotakhum Birds View
  • kayaking in the raft
  • kayaking in the raft
  • Beauty snap inside The Khum
  • Debota Pathor
  • Inside view
  • Colorful Boat for tourists
  • Narrow space between two hills in Debotakhum

Tour Preparation:

Had our breakfast after reaching Bandarban in the very early morning, and after having some rest in the hotel green Peak resort. Left our hotel Green Peak by Chander gari for Debotakhum. We have a guide in our car for the whole day. We had contacted him on phone before coming here. Our guide had already arranged the food and the vehicle.

Permission & Documentation:

We stopped in front of the Rowanchari Tourist Guide Welfare Association office. This place is on the opposite side of Rowanchari police station. If you want to go to Debotakhum, you must take a guide with you or you can enter here and take the guide as well. After our guide completed some necessary activities here we started our journey again towards Debtakhum.

How to go Debotakhum:

Start towards the Liragai Kachchapatali market from Rowanchari police station. The distance from Hotel Green Peak to Liragai Kachchapatali Bazaar is 29.3 km. It took a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Liragai Kachchapatali Bazaar. Here you have to submit a list of tourists to the army camp here and then you will get clearance to go to Debotakhum. As the path to Khum is steep and rocky, caution should be taken for trekking. So we bought a special type of rubber sandal from this market for 150 Taka and started the trekking towards Debotakhum.

Food Arrangement for Debotakhum tour:

On the way back from Debotakhum we will have lunch at Liragai Kacchaptoli Bazaar. There is no ready-to-serve food here, so you can order food here before starting the journey to Khum. Otherwise, you have to eat only ready snacks type food from grocery shop as lunch.

Trekking experience:

You have to walk about 3 kilometers along the Jhiri side road to reach Shilbandha Para. Then, you will reach Debotakhum after another 10-minute walk from Shilbandha Para. I found the experience of walking along the water flow path (ঝিরি পথ) very enjoyable. Let’s take a walk through this serene nature and know some information about Debotakhum’s travel costs and Debotakhum.

Things to know about Debotakhum:

Debotakhum is located in Rowangchari Upazila of Bandarban District. Notable Khums of Bandarban includes Satbhai Khum, Velakhum, Amiakhum, Shiakhaba Khum, Mathwara Khum, Nayakhang Khum, Nafakhum, and Debtakhum. Khum means reservoir, where water is trapped. Among all the Khums, Debtakhum is undoubtedly the most beautiful and easily accessible. The local name of Debotakhum is Nai Ayong.

Debotakhum has a depth of 50-70 feet and is 600 meters long. Looking at the shape of Debotakhum, it can be easily assumed that it was created due to the cracks between the mountains due to the evolution of time and nature.

Debotakhum tour cost:

Now let’s talk about the cost. Coming from Dhaka to Bandarban will cost Tk 700 by non-AC bus and Tk 1200-1600 by AC bus depending on the type. From Bandarban city, you can go to Liragai Kachchapatali market by bus, CNG auto, and by jeep or Chander gari. Costing is 75-90 taka per person in the bus, reserve CNG auto 500-700 taka, and jeep or Chander gari reserve fair fluctuates between taka 3500-5000 depending on time. The cost of food depends on the type and quantity of food, so I am not sharing our food cost, but according to the quality of food, I found the food here affordable. Besides, the guide will cost 1000-1200 Taka. Guides will complete the entry work at Rowanchari Police Station and Liragai Kachchapatli Army Checkpost. In addition, 150 Taka will cost for boat rental, life jacket, and raft (ভেলা) rental at Debotakhum.

Shilbandha Para (শিলবান্ধা পাড়া):

After walking about 3 km along the spiral road, we reached Shilbandha Para (শিলবান্ধা পাড়া). Marma tribes live here. Even though our real rural lifestyle is disappearing due to the crowd of technology and brick and stone, the unspoiled villages of soil and people still survive in this Shilbandha Para.

Debotakhum is a short walk down from Shilbandha Para. In between, there are 2/3 tong shops for tourists to sit and have light snacks. You can take a small break here if necessary.

Experience of Debotakhum:

After a break and a short walk, we reached very close to Debotakhum. There is a small khum here called Pong Shu Ong Khum. There are two small dingy boats to cross this Khum. Many enthusiastic people swim across Pong Su Aung Khum rather than waiting for the boat. After getting down from the boat and waiting for some time you can collect the life jackets and get the raft serial, and then the much-awaited Debotakhum rafting trip started.

After floating the raft, a place like dry grass will come into view. Here the stone which is big and half submerged in water is called deity stone(দেবতা পাথর). There is a myth among the locals that when Debotakhum is less crowded, fishes crowd around this stone and quench their thirst. But these fish always remain elusive. The local Marma tribal people worship this stone deity for their peace, prosperity, and well-being.


  • Always be humble and show manners with locals.
  • Do not through waste in the water or in tourist places.
  • Use trekking sandals for trekking.
  • Use a life jacket if you do not know swimming.
  • Do not cross the Debotakhum caution border. Know the weather update before paying a visit.
  • Check our video for more details.