There are few places to visit & relax in Char Kukri Mukri. You can relax & enjoy the calmness of nature in each of the spots. Green Forrest, wildlife, and hot & wet sand will obviously be pleasant enough to refresh the soul and body.

Hope you enjoyed the first article on Char Kukri Mukri’s travel experience. From Dhaka Sadarghat to Betua Ghat, Betua Ghat to Char Fashion, Char Fashion to South Aicha Ghat, South Aicha to Char Kachpia Ghat, and finally we are going to Char Kukri Mukri by speed boat from Char Kacchapiya. Now, We are moving towards Char Kukri Mukri by speed boat at the cost of Tk 250 per person. The speed boat fare here is usually Tk 150 per person. As the pressure of visitors is a little higher today than on other days, we agreed to pay more than usual. It takes only 18-20 minutes to reach Char Kukri Mukri by speed boat. I found this little journey most enjoyable. The tiring and complicated journey from Dhaka to Char Kachpia left us very easily. On the way to Char Kukri Mukri, we reached the green reception of the mangrove forest on both sides after a 20-minute journey.

  • Canel-inside-the-Mangrove-forest
  • Char-Kukri-Mukri-beach-near-watch-tower
  • Fishing-at-Mid-sea-near-Tarua-Sea-Beach
  • Fishing-Boat-at-Tarua-Sea
  • Fishing-Boats-at-Dakaitya-Khal
  • Fishing-Boats-waiting-for-tide-at-Dakaitya-Khal
  • Fishing-Boat-waiting-at-Tarua-Sea-Beach
  • Mangrove-forest-at-Char-Kukri-Mukri
  • Natural-landscape-at-Char-Kukri-Mukri
  • Natural-landscape-at-Tarua-Sea-Beach
  • Nature-&-wildlife-at-Char-Kukri-Mukri
  • River-side-village-at-Char-Kukri-Mukri
  • Ruposhi-Bangla-team-on-the-way-to-Tarua-Beach
  • Tarua-Sea-Beach
  • Tourist-&-Fishing-Boat-at-Char-Kukri-Mukri-Narikel-Bagan-Ghat
  • Watch-tower-at-Char-Kukri-Mukri
  • Wildlife-near-Narikel-Bagan

Accommodation at Char Kukri Mukri:

Our accommodation is arranged in an under-construction guest house just opposite the forest department guest house. We got down from the ghat and started towards the guest house by autorickshaw. Tried to know about the available tourist attractions here and the costs from our auto-rickshaw driver.

Tourist spots at Char Kukri Mukri:

Our little driver gave us misleading information about the cost, even though the information about tourist attractions was fair. So we got down in front of the guest house and again started talking to another auto driver to get an idea about the cost.
Auto drivers suggested 6 tourist spots name to visit, but here tourists mainly visit 2/3 places. It includes a coconut garden, Tarua Beach, Manpura Island. Many tourists camp in coconut garden (নারিকেল বাগান), located at the bank of the sea.

Dakaitya Canel (ডাকাইত্যা খাল):

After talking to our known people here, we decided not to take an auto-rickshaw for day long, but to take an auto-rickshaw till Dakaitya Canal (ডাকাইত্যা খাল) at 20 taka per person. A short walk after leaving the auto-rickshaw leads to the canal. Fishing boats are anchored here during low tide. We hired a small dinghy boat at a cost of Tk 50 per person and headed for the coconut plantation. The dinghy boat was too narrow and too stiff. While enjoying the bumpy boat ride, we reached the coconut garden.

Coconut Garden & Beach ( নারিকেল বাগান ও সমুদ্র সৈকত):

Ahead of the dinghy ghat, there is a mangrove forest. It is a part of Sundarbans. Beaches, coconut gardens, and camping spots are just a short walk away from here. It will take around 50-60 minutes to complete a visit to this small area on foot, but if you want to enjoy it, after a long day camping at night will seem like a very short time. You can lost in the silent nature here for as long as you want. Here you will meet Gangchil and buffaloes busy crossing the sea to drink grass and water. The sour curd made from buffalo milk here is famous in the country. The number of buffaloes on Manpura island is much more than other grazing animals here.

The virgin sea beach (তারুয়া বিচ):

After watching Char Kukri Mukri, we are now rushing towards Virgin Beach by hiring another speedboat from the ghat here for 1500 taka. The name Virgin Beach sounds a bit unfamiliar, doesn’t it? We are going to Tarua Beach also known as virgin beach.

Tarua beach is never too crowdy, As it is a bit more remote than other beaches in Bangladesh. And to me, this is the beauty of the beach. No need to bother about the crowd. Relax & enjoy your time without bothering about the harshness of tourist spots like other places. It has vast pastures on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other.

Taurus beach was named after a fish called Tarua. It is located in DhalChar (ঢালচর) area. You may find deer, monkeys, buffalo, red crab & other wildlife if you go into the woods here. Local fish & buffalo milk curd is very cheap at Dhalchar and tasty as well. Give it a try if you are hungry.

Manpura Island (মনপুরা):

Manpura is also known as Monpura, is located in the northern part of the Bay of Bengal. The island became popular with tourists after the release of the movie named Manpura. It is one of the most remote tourist spots in the county, known for its organic nature, wildlife, curd from buffalo milk & tourist birds. We didn’t went to the island but it is very nearby to Char Kukri Mukri.

We are done today. Will pack up and return back to our hotel for the day. Will come up with a new article on our accommodation & food on next article soon. Stay with us by subscribing to our Youtube channel.

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