Char Kukri Mukri is one of the wildlife sanctuaries of Bangladesh. The Place is about 120 km from Bhola city. This Char is located at the mouth of the Meghna River, bordering the Bay of Bengal. It belongs to the southernmost Upazila Charfashion of Bangladesh. During the Bhola cyclone of 1970, Char Kukri Mukri became depopulated and later re-inhabited around 1973/1974. Rats are called Merkur in the local language here. At one time this pasture was named Char Kukri Mukri due to the infestation of dogs and rats. It Means land of dog and rat.

  • Betua-Ghat, South Aicha
  • Char-Kacchapiya-Ghat
  • Fishing-at-Meghna-River
  • Forest-side-by-the-connecting-river-to-Char-Kukri-Mukri
  • Jacob-Tower, Char Fasson, Bhola
  • Morning-at-Meghna-River-near-Betua-Ghat
  • On-the-way-to-Char-Kukri-Mukri-by-Speed-Boat
  • On-the-way-to-Char-Kukri-Mukri-by-Speed-Boat

How to go Char Kukri Mukri:

Journey Starts from Sadarghat:

Yes, we are on the way to Char Kukri Mukri of Bhola. Due to heavy traffic jams on the road for the next two days due to public holidays, I did not get CNG or Uber to Sadarghat, so I took a rickshaw from Badda to Sadarghat. Even though the road was quite jammed, we reached Sadarghat before the launch. After drinking tea while standing in front of the launch, I got on the launch.

Sadarghat to Betua Ghat:

It didn’t take us long to board the launch and find our cabin. MV Karnafuli departs at 8.30 every night from Sadarghat launch terminal towards Betua ghat of Charfashion, Bhola. We have taken a double AC cabin for 4 people expending 1800 taka and for 2 people we have to pay deck rent of 250 taka per person.

Experience at MV Karnafuli launch:

After spending some time on the roof of the launch, you can visit the restaurant as I had. Ordered white rice, chicken curry, dal, vegetables, fish bharta, and fish curry. The food was delicious enough. I am pretty much sure you will love the food here, it’s more than delicious. After chatting and light sleep, we reached Betua launch Ghat a little after the Fajr prayer.

Betua Ghat to South Aicha:

From Betua Ghat you can hire an auto-rickshaw to reach Char Fasson. It will cost 30 Taka per person. After arriving here you can have your breakfast here. We had our breakfast from the closest restaurant to the bus stand. From here you have to catch Bus or 3-Wheeler CNG for South Aica (দক্ষিণ আইচা). From South Aica you have to go to Char Kacchapia Ghat by Rickshaw. And if you hire CNG from CHar Fasson you can directly go to Char Kacchapia Ghat. Bus Rent to South Aica is 40 Taka per person, And 3-wheeler CNG will cost 400-600 Taka. After talking with locals, we came to know that the road condition is not good so I left the small 3-wheeler and started for South Aicha by bus.

South Aicha to Char Kacchapiya Ghat:

It took us about 1 hour to reach South Aicha. Char Fasson to South Aichar road development work was in progress. Hopefully, soon it will not take so much time to travel, and traveling to Char Kukri Mukri will be more comfortable. Get off the bus and take an auto rickshaw for Tk 10 per person to go to Char Kacchapiya Ghat.

Char Kacchapiya Ghat to Char Kukri Mukri:

From Char Kachpiya Ghat we hired a Speed Boat to go to Char Kukri Mukri. There are not many tourists here even on holidays. From here you can hire a trawler or speedboat to go to Char Kukri Mukri. Although the speedboat fare is 200 taka per person, we did not have any speedboat fixed in advance and the people of the Ghat here took that chance to charge some extra fare. After waiting for a while, we did not get the speedboat at the regular fare, but after offering a little extra, it worked. At 9.00 am and 12.30 pm, the trawler leaves for the destination from this ghat. The fare per person in the trawler was 50 Taka while we paid the visit.

Things to Enjoy:

The trawler/Speedboat will go through the water of Meghna surrounded by Beautiful mangrove forests on both sides of the river towards Char Kukri Mukri. To me, It was the best view. You may well see some wildlife such as monkeys, buffalo, birds, and deer on the way if you are lucky enough.

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