History of Niladri Lake:

Das party kya chiz hai, kidharse atahe kidharse jatahe, kuch pata nahi. The top officials of the Pak invaders during 1971’s independence war made such a comment after succumbing to the guerilla tactics of the Das Party. You may be thinking what’s the relation between Our Independence war & travel story. When you are in Niladri Lake, Niladri Lake and Das Party’s contribution to the liberation war comes to the fore, it is also important to know. Shaheed Siraj Lake or Niladri Lake and Tekerghat are closely associated with the history of the Liberation War. Today we have come to Shaheed Siraj Lake, which is full of memories of the Liberation War. In today’s travel story will tell you the history of Sahid Siraj Lake (Niladri Lake).

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How to go to Niladri Lake:

From Dhaka to Sunamganj, from the big bridge of the city to Tahirpur, after hiring a boat from Tahirpur boat station and after crossing Tanguar Haor we arrived very close to Takerghat. Hiring the boat for the whole day cost us 2000 Taka.

The closer you get to Takkerghat, the more clearly you can see the mountains of Meghalaya, India. If you want, you can rent a bike for 1000 taka from Sunamganj Big Bridge and come directly to Niladri Lake by road as well. If you rent a bike for 1000 taka, you can visit Barek Tila, Jadukata Nadi, Shimul Bagan. However, I found it more enjoyable to take a boat from Tahirpur to Takerghat via Tanguar Haor than to rent a bike. And if you still want to visit Niladri Lake, Barek Tila, Jadukata Nadi, Shimul Bagan, you can rent a motor bike for Tk 200-300 from Takerghat as well.

Niladri lakes official name is Shaheed Siraj Lake:

Our boat came and anchored at Takerghat. A monument was the first thing that came into view when we got down to the base. Although I didn’t find much information on the internet, I learned the story of Taker Ghat, the Liberation War, and the Das Party. Takerghat was a sub-sector of sector number 5 during the Great War of Liberation. The freedom fighters used to come and sit at this ghat after the whole day’s campaign. Even this lake has been named after the Mtryr Bir Bikram Shaheed Sirajul Islam. Bir Bikram Shaheed Sirajul Islam died in the Great Liberation War. This lake is known to tourists as Niladri Lake but its earlier name was Takerghat Pathar Quarry. Which was later named Shaheed Siraj Lake in honor of Shaheed Sirajul Islam.

Beauty view of Niladri Lake:

After getting off the boat you will find some small tea and soft drink shops. If you walk a little further, you will see the railway station-type structure, part of the freight train, abandoned station office. Mining was once done here, Limestone was extracted. And the abandoned limestone quarry was later filled with water and turned into a lake. If you go a little further along this abandoned railway line, you will see the abandoned heavy machinery used in mining. These abandoned types of machinery belong to a British company called P&H.

The clear water of the lake, the combination of small and big hills, and the green nature here have made the environment unearthly and tourists flock to the banks of Nildri Lake at Tekerghat for the sake of this beauty. Part of the mountain lake lies within the borders of Meghalaya, India. Some people are busy fishing around the lake. Some tourists are also taking pictures in the water. You can go a little further ahead and sit for a while in the passenger tent for tourists and can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. BSF and BGB patrols on both sides of the border.


If you feel hungry you can take the light foods from the stalls, but if you need to take heavy food or lunch you have to go to the Takerhat Bazaar. Takerhat Bazaar is 10-15 minutes walking distance away from the lake. Nothing special with the food and pricing for tourists is a bit tricky. But you will find fresh local haor’s fish curry to eat, that you can try. Some shops in the Bazaar sell Indian cosmetics, chocolates, Biscuits, and a few other items. You can buy some chocolates or other items for friends & family.