Today we came to “Shuktara Nature Retreat” a little outside the city, a little distance from Shah Paran Mazar. This resort also has a Bengali name is শুকতারা প্রকৃতি নিবাস.

Shuktara, Nature, Retreat. Every word is embodied in every nook and cranny of this resort with a touch of art and nature. Let’s see what facilities there are, what types of rooms, room rent, what is included in the complimentary breakfast, and the likes and dislikes of this resort.

  • Villa
  • Shuktara Resorts Decoration
  • Reception
  • Reception & Restaurant
  • Lobby
  • Library
  • Entrance of Shuktara Resort
  • Inside Lobby
  • Inside a Room
  • Architecture
  • Bar-B-Q Place
  • Birds Nest
  • Couple room
  • Decoration inside Reception
  • Drone view of Shuktara Nature Retreat
  • Games Zone
  • Garden

How we found Shuktara Nature Retreat Resort:

We found Shuktara Nature Retreat Resort on Google Maps. After seeing the pictures and reviews given by the visitors there, planned that if go to Sylhet, will definitely stay there for one night. After arriving, it seemed that the decision was not wrong.

How to go:

From Sylhet city by renting an auto rickshaw or CNG or if you have a car with you, you can go directly to Shuk-Tara Nature Retreat Resort using Google Maps. Rickshaw or CNG fare will be around 100 rupees. Upon entering the resort, the villa on the right-hand side on top of the small hill is the Shuk-Tara Resort reception. Before going to the reception, I was standing outside listening to the chirping of insects. Ah… how beautiful.

Let’s see what’s in Shuktara resort’s reception:

After doing the necessary work at the reception, I started looking left and right. In between came our welcome drinks. believe me, I spent a whole hour looking at this beautifully decorated reception. Art and culture are displayed everywhere. You may will love to watch our Youtube video to taste it full.

There is a library next to the reception. There is an arrangement of sitting and reading books in this library. And will be accompanied by the continuous chirping of insects. The reception is on the top floor of this villa. Restaurant on the floor below. And the bottom floor means the sports corner on the bottom floor of the restaurant. Let’s see.

What’s in the complimentary breakfast?

We woke up early in the morning to see the white rock. And before leaving, I informed the hotel that we would have breakfast from 10.30-11.00. Back at 11.00 we went straight to the restaurant and sat down. After our 10-minute wait, hot luchi, sabzi, dal, and chicken curry came in front of us. Although the items are not too much, the quality of the food is good and tasty.

Rooms & Pricing at Shuktara Resort:


The name of the room we were in was Godhuli. Our rent for this room is BDT 6500. This is the best fit room for 3 people. additional beds are available on requirements & there will be an additional 1500 Taka charge for that. There are 5 more rooms like this room. Jonaki, Prajapati, Robi, Shashi, Baisakhi. whose fares are equal to Godhuli and whose names are all poetic. The name of one is more beautiful than the other. These rooms are all forest view rooms.

Swimming Pool:

The swimming pool is very close to the above rooms. It is not a big one but still looks good due to its surroundings and nature.

Couple rooms:

There are some more rooms for couples. Their names are Polash, Barun, Nayantara, Shirish, Dolonchapa, and Shimul. The rent of these rooms is BDT 7800. These rooms are best fit for couples and have a mountain view in front.

Low price room in Shuktara Resort:

There is a room named Hijol is priced lowest in Shuktara Prokriti Nibash resort. It is still a good deal if you are looking for a low-priced stay here at Shuktara resort.