Although I always enjoy traveling, traveling is really tiring. After traveling from Dhaka to Bangkok we are running towards our hotel with a tired body. We will stay in Bangkok for the next two days at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel located right next to the Erawan Shrine. Grand Hyatt is a 5-star hotel. In today’s article, we will tell the details of Grand Hyatt Erawan. And before starting the article, requesting you to subscribe to our YouTube channel, please subscribe and keep the bell icon on and keep watching Ruposhi Bangla.

Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. What’s inside the 5-star hotel?

How to go to Grand Hyatt Erawan, Bangkok:

After about 1 hour journey from Shubaranbhumi Airport, we arrived at Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel located next to Erawan Temple in Pathum Wan. Grand Hayat Erawan Hotel is right in front of the Bangkok Metro Rail Station and the Metro Rail Road passes right in front of the hotel.

What is around Grand Hyatt Erawan for tourists:

It is very easy to move anywhere in Bangkok from the Grand Erawan Hyatt as the metro rail station is nearby. And within walking distance from the hotel, you will find popular tourist markets like Pratunam, Big-C, Indira Market, and Central World.

First Impression about this 5-star Hotel:

As soon as you enter the Grand Hyatt, you will feel as if you have suddenly stepped into nature from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no way not to like the beautifully decorated lobby with some beautiful trees and plants, the play of light and shadow, and the sound of flowing water. After washing in the lobby, the reception is on the right-hand side and the complimentary breakfast is organized in this area on the left-hand side.

What’s inside a deluxe room:

After check-in, I went directly to the room with the room key. Let’s see what’s inside a deluxe room at Grand Hyatt Erawan. The room was well furnished and well decorated. There was a big couple bed and was comfortable enough. Entering the room you will find your welcome fruits are ready. The bathroom was well-decorated with the necessary items. And, the thing I loved most is the view from the window. Bangkok Metro Rail, Horse race fields are visible from here. You can check our YouTube video to find the detail of the Grand Hyatt Erawan deluxe room.

One such deluxe room at Grand Hyatt Erawan will cost you around $2000 per day.

Complementary Breakfast is a grand one:

Let’s see what’s on offer at the complimentary breakfast buffet in the lobby of Grand Hyatt Erawan. There are a lot of food items to eat because there are both haram and halal food here. However, whenever I came to Bangkok, I never missed the fruits on the buffet during meals. The watermelon here, Pepe, is amazing.

The Library:

Let’s take a walk and see the other places of Grand Hyatt Erawan. There is a library in the lobby. However, it is not open to all. It is possible to have small-scale meetings here by booking in advance. The collection here has a rare collection of books by all famous authors. And some indoor games are arranged outside the library.

Restaurants & other facilities:

The lower lobby of Grand Hyatt Erawan has Bar@494 restaurant famous for its wine collection. Apart from wine, the food here is quite innovative. Here you will find a collection of old expensive wines and old buffalo meat. The older the piece of meat, the more expensive it is.

Level 5 of the Grand Hyatt Erawan has a gym and private villas on one side and a swimming pool on the other.

The swimming pool is spacious and has enough chairs to spend time sitting here. There is also a jacuzzi. Grand Hyatt Erawan is an excellent place to relax or hang out for a while. Apart from this, there is a spa system on this floor.

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