Today we have come to Bandarban which is full of natural beauty. Although there are many hotels and resorts in Bandarban, the Green Peak Resort in the middle of nature is particularly noteworthy. The distance from Bandarban town to Green Peak Resort is only 6 kilometers. The Green Peak Resort is only 1.6 kilometers from the Meghla tourist center. The Green Peak Resort is located 8 km from Dhaka or Chittagong on the way to Bandarban town. If you leave Dhaka by night car, you will reach Green Peak Resort very early in the morning.

Green Peak Reception:

Upon entering the resort, you will find Green Peak’s reception cum restaurant. We left early in the morning, waited a while at the reception, and then got the room key. Let’s take you around the rooms here.

Signature Premium Room:

The first cottage to be seen upstairs from the reception is the most premium cottage at the resort. There are a total of 4 signature premium rooms. And the swimming pool of this resort is the closest to this cottage. Let’s take a tour of the inside of a signature premium room.
Beautifully laid wooden tiles inside the room. Green Peak’s Signature Premium Room has all the comforts of a state-of-the-art hotel room. Necessary accessories including intercom, sofa, double bed, TV, and freezer were neatly furnished in the room. And the best part is that there are swings on the balcony of each signature premium room and the view here. Just Imagine, wake up in the morning, tea in hand, this cradle and the fog sheet in front of Bandarban… I loved it… for each signature premium room, you can count 7500 Taka per day.

Lake View Cottage:

And this swing is in front of Lake View Cottage. There are 4 rooms in each cottage. The interior of these cottages is similar to the signature premium room, only there is no swing on the balcony. But from the balcony to the lake of the resort and enjoy the beautiful moments of sunrise and sunset. The daily rent of Lake View Cottage is 4500 Taka.
Outside the resort, there are ample swings and sliders for children’s fun and outdoor activities. At Sujog we reminisced about some of our childhood memories.

Duplex Family Villa:

Let’s take you to the Duplex Family Villa.
Duplex Family Villa can accommodate up to 4 people. The whole villa is built on a wooden structure. As usual, the room tiles are also made of wood. This room has two single beds on the upper floor and a double bed on the ground floor. If you want to stay in this beautiful family villa, you have to pay 9000 Taka per day.


The road across the entire resort is also quite aesthetic. Roads and small stairs are made of wood. And on both sides of the road and wooden stairs have been placed lighting system. The night beauty of Green Peak is also amazing due to the illumination.

Tree House:

These rooms are tree houses. Perched on a tree. Like other villas and cottages, it has a touch of aesthetics and nature. 3 people can stay in the tree house in a very nice way. And it will cost 6000 Taka per day.

Green Peak Bar-B-Q Point:

There are also bar-b-que points. With the group, you can actually organize a bar-b-que party here. The microphone, sound box, and bar-b-que point are complimentary. There is no need to pay a separate charge for using these.