About Mohamaya Lake:

Mahamaya Lake is as beautiful as a picture with the combination of isolated hills, green vegetation, and lakes. Some enthusiasts even compare the beauty of this lake with that of Pokhara in Nepal and Hopping Island in Langkawi, Malaysia. If this lake is introduced to tourists it can be a big attraction for tourism. Mahamaya Lake is a bird paradise, a bird sanctuary. Here you can watch the fishing tricks of the fishermen, quietly listen to the birds singing in the early morning, or the chirping of insects in the evening.

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Camping Preparation:

Camping is fun and when kayaking is added to camping it becomes more fun. There are very few tourist spots in Bangladesh where you get both of these together. And the best thing is that you will also find camping and kayaking accessories here. Yes, this is the place where you can have an unprecedented experience of night camping and kayaking. Camping and Kayaking at Mahamaya Lake are possible thanks to Bangladesh Scout. And Bangladesh Scout deserves praise for offering such a nice camping package at such a low cost. Let’s see how to come to Mahamaya Lake, the package cost, how to book, and what is included in this package.

How to go Mohamaya Lake:

Mahamaya Lake is located in Mirersarai Upazila on Dhaka Chittagong Highway. From Mirsarai, you can take a CNG or auto rickshaw to Mahamaya Lake after having a light tea breakfast. And if you have a private vehicle, you can reach Mahamaya Lake by following the Google map from Mirsarai. No need to take an entry ticket from the lake gate for camping. Cars can also be kept inside and around your tent.

Non-AC good quality bus will cost 680 takas from Dhaka to Mirsrai, ie 1360 taka for a round trip. CNG from Mirsarai to Mahamaya Lake will cost Rs 40-50 per person.

We confirmed our camping on our phone on Wednesday. And our plan is to reach Mahamay Lake on Thursday afternoon, enjoy the beauty of the afternoon, camp at night, bar b q, and watch the sunrise in the morning. And on Friday, see a fountain in the vicinity and go back to Dhaka to see Gulikhal sea beach in the afternoon. If you want to stay camping here, you have to make a camping plan for at least 5 people, because the authority here does not take orders for less than 5 people. And the maximum camping capacity is 30 people.

Camping Package costing & Booking:

The price of the package for camping at Mahamaya Lake is Rs 600 per person. The contact number for booking the package will be given in the description box of the video. Let’s see what is included in this package of 600 rupees:
1-night camping arrangement.
Camp firing
Bar B Q (Quarter chicken with 2 parathas and sauce)
Dinner (white rice, bharta, dal, and chicken curry)
(Breakfast consists of egg and khichuri, or paratha, fried egg, fried dal, and tea).

Entry Ticket price for general visit: 20 taka
Kayaking: 300 taka 1hr
Booking Number for Camping: 01816110300, 018367085074

For 600 Taka, this is quite a deal. This package is basically a 13-hour package that starts at 7 pm and ends at 8 am the next day.

Kayaking cost at Mohamaya Lake:

Kayaking in the lake is not possible at night, but if you want, you can kayak in the morning in the smooth, cool water of the lake. You can see Mahamaya waterfall by kayaking. The chirping of insects at night and the chirping of birds in the sunlight are endless here. While kayaking, you will notice the small dunes, the wild nature in the dunes, and the monkeys hanging on the branches of the trees overhead. The rent of these small kayaking boats suitable for 2 people is 300 taka per hour.


Girls are not allowed to camp here at night. If there are girls in the group, it is better to come for a general visit instead of a camping package.

Places to visit around:

There are a lot of tourist spots around here in Mirsarai. You can visit them as the camping will end very early in the morning. You can go to visit nearby waterfalls such as Khoiyachora Waterfall, Jhorjhori Waterfall, Shonaichori Waterfall, and Natpittachora waterfall. Other options other than a waterfall are available as well like Baroiyadhala National Park (বাড়ৈয়াঢালা জাতীয় উদ্যান), Guliakhal sea beach.

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