The beauty of the tourist city of Bandarban is spread all over the place. Mountains, waterfalls, forests, birds, khum, and clear water Sangu river, what is not here? Today I will introduce you to an unearthly and the most beautiful river in the country.


From Bandarban city, we first came to a place called Kachinghata by renting an auto rickshaw for 20 Taka per person. I rent a boat from here for 3 hours. Our boat will cost 1200 Taka for 3 hours. You can rent a boat on the Sangu River for the whole day and visit the sights along the river. Along the river you can visit Baraitali Adivasi Para, estuaries of two rivers (Taracha), Bandura Jharna, Tetulia Para, Sinaipara Lake, Betchhara Barapalli Camp and Gherao Bazar. Our purpose is to wander in this calm and gentle river for 2/3 hours. For the whole day, you can get a boat suitable for 10 people for BDT 2000 to 2200 from Kachinghata.

What you need to know about Sangu river:

Although the Sangu River, which has no current, seems calm and gentle, a different form can be seen in the rainy season. Although the Sangu River seems calm enough in the Bandarban town area and near Thanchi, its terrifying appearance can be seen near Tindu and Remakri. Today we do not want to see anything scary. Today, instead, we will go back to see the calm, beautiful, soft Sangu.

Things to Know About Shangu River:

Although the name Sangu seems a little different and a little unfamiliar to many, this Sangu river is the most beautiful river I have ever seen in Bangladesh. The Sangu River is also known as the Shongkho Nod. Although the Shongkho name is the ancient name of this river, it is better known as Sangu river. The conch was originally changed to Sangu for the convenience of pronunciation during the British rule. Shongkho means snail. Ninety percent of the people living on the banks of the Sangu River belong to the Marma community. In the language of the Marma community, the Shongkho Nod is called rigrai thiang or river of clear water. The Shongkho Nod originates in a hill called Madak in Bandarban district. Madak is the 3rd highest mountain in Bandarban district. The second largest river in the Chittagong division is 160 km long.
Hills on both sides, Banani and Sangu river flowing in the middle of the hill. What could be more beautiful than aha? When you walk along the winding path of the river Sangu, you will see the waterfall flowing down the hill, when you will see the rapid current of the river Sangu.

Old image of Shangu river:

The people here, their way of life, the Sangu river, the currents, the sweet song of the birds all combine to make this wonderful nature here. Before coming here, I was reading something about the Shongkho Nod. Even in the 1960s, there were dense jungles on both sides of the river. And in this forest, tigers, bears, & nbsp; There was an abundance of wild animals including wild boar, sambar deer, native red deer, wild deer, wild rooster, mathura, peacock, hanuman, ape, some species of monkeys, some kinds of wild cats, pythons and snakes. In a word, what is meant by a Proper Wildlife?


Due to urbanization, deforestation, lack of adequate sewerage and lack of awareness, the beauty of the Sangu River is on the verge of getting dirty. Let us be more aware while traveling and enjoying the beauty and protect Bandarban which is full of our natural beauty from the hand of victory.

How to go:

Bandarban town can be reached directly by road from Dhaka. Coming from Dhaka to Bandarban will cost 800 Taka by non AC bus and 1200-1600 Taka by AC bus depending on the type. Kachinghata is 10-15 minutes away from Bandarban city. From here you can rent a normal or engine driven boat to see the beauty of the conch river. If you want to arrange the boat in advance, you can contact this number of Kachinghata Tempoboat Owners Association (01740704275, 017506, 01799626).

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