Today’s article is about necessary preparations and information for Dhaka to Thailand tour. In today’s article, we will cover detail of Thailand visa processing along with processing costs, required documents, airfare, and all the details which we hope will be helpful for your next travel to Bangkok. So keep reading the article without dragging and if you haven’t subscribed to our Youtube channel yet, make sure to subscribe from this link and keep the bell icon on to get the updates.

Thai visa processing and required documents
Thai visa processing and required documents

Required documents for Thai Visa processing:

  • To travel from Bangladesh to Thailand, the first thing you need is a passport. At the time of visa application, it should be ensured that the passport has a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Photocopy of visa if you have traveled to Thailand before. You will find this in your current and previous passports.
  • Passport-size photograph without border and taken on white background. It is better to get lab printing photos to avoid unwanted problems. And Thailand’s passport size photograph is different from the regular passport size that we use in Bangladesh, so be sure to tell the studio when taking the photo that the photo will be printed in Thai passport size. Thai passport photograph size is. 3.5*4.5cm.
  • 6 months bank statement. An active bank account statement should be provided. 60000 Taka balance must be available in the account for a single visa. 100000 Taka should be kept available for a couple of visas.
  • Balance Solvency Certificate with Bank Seal.Company NOC in case of jobholders and photocopy of trade license in case of Businessmens.You will also need the name, address, and phone number of a local guarantor. You can appoint anyone as your local guarantor.
  • Along with these having a booster dose of Covid-19 is an advantage while traveling. A covid-19 test certificate will not be required, rather you have to submit the vaccination certificate.

You can also apply for a Thai Visa on your own if you want. However, it is better to process the visa through an agency to avoid hassles. Visa processing fees and charges through the agency will cost BDT 4500-5500. Visa processing usually takes 6-10 days, but if there are any complications it can take up to 20 days.

Plane Fair & available flights:

Biman Bangladesh, Thai Airways & US Bangla Airlines operate their direct flight from Dhaka to Bangkok route. Out of all these 3 Thai Airways is a favorite of many like me comparing service and inflight food quality. On closer dates, the ticket price is much higher but the price is much cheaper if you can preplan & buy the ticket 1 month prior to the travel date. It can be as cheap as 28000 Taka at Biman Bangladesh & around BDT 44000 for Thai Airways. This cost is for a round trip From Dhaka to Bangkok. We suggest buying air tickets after visa confirmation.

Check our video on Thai travel planning & documentation:

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