Ahsan Manzil Full Picture front side

Brief history of Ahsan Manzil:
In the middle of 1800 Landlord of Jalalpur area Sheikh Enayetullah constructed a paradise for fun called Colorful palace (RongMohol in Bengali). This palace is called as Ahsan Manzil in this days. Later his son Sheikh Motiullah sold this palace to French businessmen. For long days the palace was known as business palace. After that at 1830 resident of Begumbazaar Nawab Abdul Gani’s father Nawab Khaja Alimullah purchase the palace to live. Focusing the residence Nawab Khaja Abdul Gani prepares a masterplan to develop the structure through a European construction & engineering company named Martin & Company. The main buiding of that palace was named as Ahsan Manzil. Nawab Abdul Gani started the construction of the palace on 1859 & the construction work completes on 1872. And Nawab Khaja Abdul Gani named the palace in the name of his son Khaja Ahsanullah. At that time the newly constructed building was known as Colorful Palace (RongMohol in Bengali) & the old one was called as The inner Palace (OndorMohol in Bengali).

How to visit Ahsan Manzil:
Ahsan Manzil is located inside of the Dhaka city. SO you will not have much travel to visit Ahsan Manzil. From anywhere inside dhaka just hire an Uber service car if you are with friends & family or you can hire an Uber bike if you are alone to visit Ahsan Manzil. Also you can use personal vehicle to reach Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil is located nearby Buriganga river in Sadarghat of Old Dhaka.

Entry Ticket price of Ahsan Manzil:
For the adult citizen of Bangladesh the ticket price is 20tk only. For local disabled people no entry fee required. For foreigners the entry fee is 75tk only. And there is discounts for students who is visiting Ahsan Manzil from other country than Bangladesh. And if Bangladeshi students applies earlier then they may can visit for free in a group.

Ahsan Manzil Visiting Hours:

During Summer During Winter 
DayOpenning TimeClosing TimeOpenning TimeClosing Time
Saturday10.30 am05.30 pm09.30 am04.30 pm
Sunday10.30 am05.30 pm09.30 am04.30 pm
Monday10.30 am05.30 pm09.30 am04.30 pm
Tuesday10.30 am05.30 pm09.30 am04.30 pm
Wednesday10.30 am05.30 pm09.30 am04.30 pm
ThursdayWeekly Holiday Weekly Holiday 
Friday03.00 pm08.00 pm03.00 pm08.00 pm

Note: Ahsan Manzil remains closed on Government holidays