Syed Khan Panni, Son of Afgan king Solaiman Khan Panni settled in Atia for living at 1608 AD during the reign of Emperor Jahangir. He constructed the famous Atiar Masjid as well. Sadat Ali Khan Panni belongs to this family and he settled in Korotia, Tangail for living. According to Atiar Chand Novel Sadat Khan Panni is 11th generation of Afgan King Solaiman Khan Panni. Khaja Alimullah Landlord of Dhaka helped Sadat Ali Khan Panni to rescue his land. Wazed Ali Khan Panni, 13th generation of Panni family. Is also known as “Atiar Chand”. Wazed Ali Khan Panni’s contribution in anti-British movement was remarkable. “one who defied British” written under his picture in London museum, is for his remarkable contribution in anti-British movement. He founded Sadat College, Rokeya senior Madrasa, HM Institution & charitable clinic in Korotia.

Location and Description:

Karatia Jamidar bari is 80 kilometer away from Dhaka. And only 8 kilometer away from Tangail city. The historical house is located at the bank of the Putia River. This is fine archeological house where nature & beauty is key attraction here as lot of trees, history is concerted here. The house is 1 kilometer in length & 0.5 kilometer in width. It is archeological, as the house is built in Mughal and Chinese architectural style. There is a Mosque (Masjid) in the premises built with Mughal architectural style. And there is total 15 dome in the mosque. The mosque have a tower of 15 feet high. There is Iron room, Ranir Pukurghat, Rokeya Mohol, Choto Torof Daud Mohol in the house. The House is also known as Korotia Rajbari/ Karatia Rajbari.

How to go Korotia Jomidar Bari:

Pick any bus going to Tangail from Dhaka. Nirala is recommended if you are starting from Mohakhali. Bus fare is in between 150-180 taka. Get off at Korotia bypass. Take a rickshaw to reach Jomidar Bari. Rickshaw is comfortable and cheap. It will cost 20-25 taka.

Where to stay?

There is some hotel in Tangail city. They are average in quality. Even there is no 3 star hotel in Tangail city, so better to not plan stay over here. In exception you can stay at Al Foysal Residential, Hotel Sugondha, Nirala Hotel, Hotel Dream Touch, Islamia Guest House, LEGD rest house.

Popular food & Restaurant in Tangail:

There is lot of restaurant in Tangail city. Nirala restaurant is popular among them, for its delicious food. Don’t forget to try the famous Porabarir Chomchom (পোড়াবাড়ির চমচম). Chomchom is not only a sweet, rather it is tradition of Tangail. Bring some for home, surely your family will love it.

Korotia Jomidar Bari opening hours:

Korotia Jomidar bari is a private property. So, it remains close for tourists most of the time. Take permission in advance to avoid embarrassment. According to locals, Jomidar Bari is open for tourists on 1st & 12th of Boishakh. Also it remains open during 2 Eid festival.

Places to visit around:

You can visit Atia Masjid, Delduar Jomidar Bari, Mawlana Bhashani Science & Technology University, Grave & Museum of Mawlana Bhashani along with Korotia Jomidar bari.

Things to do:

Know the history of Panni family. Enjoy the nature. Capture beautiful photos. Enjoy tradition Tangail Porabarir Chomchom. Do not enter the palace without prior permission.

Travel Tips:

Tangail very nearby Dhaka. So you can return back to Dhaka easily within a day. Try to stat early in the morning to avoid traffic in the road.