Bogura (বগুড়া) also spelled as Bogra earlier is the gateway to North Bengal part of Bangladesh. This is called the capital of North Bengal as this city is very important business hub & for its geographical importance. Bogra is reach with its developed city life along with the proper availability of basic city life needs such as education, treatment, food, road & transportation. This district was named after Nasiruddin Bogura Khan, who was governor of Bengal 1279 to 1282 AD. Bogura is also considered as the oldest city of Bengal.

Basic information about Bogura:

Total population in this district is around 3500000 as per 2011 census. Bogra is 2898.68 square kilometer in size. So density of population is 1,200/Square kilometer. There is total 12 Sub districts (উপজেলা) in Bogura. 3472 Masjid, 686 temples, 37 churches & 58 tombs located in Bogura district for religious activity. There is total 7 rivers flowing over Bogra. Jamuna (যমুনা), Karatoa (করতোয়া) & Banglai (বাঙালি) river is notable among them.

Educational institution in Bogura:

  • Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College.
  • Govt. Azizul Haque College.
  • Bogra Govt. Mujibur Rahman College.
  • Govt. Shah Sultan College.
  • Bogra Polytechnic institute.
  • Pundra University of science & Technology.
  • Bogra Zilla School.
  • Bogra Cantonment School & College.
  • VM School
  • Yakubia school
  • Biam Model School & College.
  • Millennium Scholstic School & College, Jahangirabad Bogra

Historical places in Bogura:

  • Mahasthangarh (মহাস্থানগড়). 16 km away from center of Bogura city.
  • Behula Loxindar (Gokul Medh/ গোকুল মেধ)
  • Historical Yogir Vaban Temple ( ঐতিহাসিক যোগীর ভবনের মন্দির)
  • Edward Park (Located nearby Shatmatha)
  • Mohammad Ali Palace Museum. Residence of Ex Prime minister Muhammad Ali. (Located nearby Satmatha)

Places to visit in Bogura:

Satmatha ( সাতমাথা):

Satmatha a pure picture of city life. Full of traffic, markets, vehicles & busyness. It is named due to 7 roads from different part of the city meet here. This is also the point where political, cultural & festival programs held. Don’t miss to have a cup of tea from in front of post office. Cause you will love it for sure.

Muhammad Ali Palace Museum:

Mohammad Ali Palace museum also known as Nawab Bari (নবাব বাড়ি) is located at the center of the Bogra city & a just few steps away from Shatmatha. It was residence of Mohammad Ali ex prime minister of Pakistan period. There is a park inside now along with some rides for kids & collection of ancient antiques.

Edward Park:

Edward park also known as Bogura Pouro Park was established during the emperorship of King Emperor Edward VII. This is a place where you will feel peace in mind. The greenery around, The sitting arrangement by the pond, the chatter of birds surely will relax you.

Gokul Medh:

Gokul Medh is locally known as Behula Laxmindarer Basar Ghar (বেহুলা লক্ষ্মীন্দরের বাসর ঘর), and is also called as Lakshinder Medh is located in Shibganj of Bogra. This ancient place is 11.5 Kilometer away from Shatmatha. This archaeological site was built between 7th to 12th century.

Mahasthangarh (মহাস্থানগড়):

The oldest urban life mark found in Bangladesh so far is Mahasthangarh ( Mohostangor / মহাস্থানগড়). The old ancient city was discovered at 1931 during British period. Mahasthangarh was called as Pundranagar earlier. And Pundranagar was the capital of Pundravardhana. Mahasthangarh is just 11 Kilometer away from Shatmatha.

Prem Jomunar Ghat:

Prem Jamunar Ghat (প্রেম যমুনার ঘাঁট) is located in Sariakandi Upozila of Bogra district. Here the natural view of Jamuna is refreshing. So for now a days lot of visitor comes here to enjoy the nature & river.

Yogi Bhawan (যোগী ভবন):

Yogi Bhawan is a religiously important place and located 15 kilometer north oh of Kahalu Upozila. And located just side by Paikor union complex. Once Yogis & saints use to visit here frequently for religious activity. There is myth that “The water of the well here is holy & once it was used for humans revival”.

Famous foods in Bogra:

Curd / Yogurt (দই) is the most famous among all foods in Bogura. Sherpur is the place for curd. To be specific Shompa doi ghor, Soudia is the best store to taste the best quality curd. If you want to collect curd from the Bogra city center then try out Bograr doi from Asia sweetmeat, Mohorrom doi ghor. Milk tea at the Shatmatha post office gate is a good one to give a try. Chunnur Chap & kebabs at colony Bottola is a must try food in Bogra. Buy some Kotkoti from Mohasthangarh. Roshmalai (রসমালাই) & White Sweet (সাদা মিষ্টি / shada Misty) of Asia sweetmeat is popular as well. Tania Chotpoti stands in front of Circuit House is a good one to give a try.

Restaurant in Bogra for Lunch & Dinner:

Akboria grand hotel, Shyamoli hotel is the best choice for lunch & Dinner. Go and try Biriani at Quality restaurant, If you love Biriyani.
Shonar Bangla & Shonar Desh hotel located at Banani bus stoppage is good choice for late night dinner. The beef curry (গরুর গোস্ত এর কারি) here is simply outstanding. In addition you can try fish curry & mashkoloi er dal here. Whatever, lot of drivers use to have dinner here at night as the foods are tasty & price is lower as well.

Hotel & Accommodation:

Momo Inn Hotel located nearby the city is a 5 star hotel to stay over there. Hotel Naz Garden is 4 star hotel also close to city. As well as star marked hotels, there is some non star hotel service in Bogra. Such as: Red Chilis, Akboria Abashik & so so. Hotel Momo Inn & Naz Garden will cost 4000 tk to above. In other hand, Non star hotel costs starts from 1000 tk.

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