“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” – Luther Burbank. Thikana Day Outers (ঠিকানা) located at Beraid, Badda, Dhaka is a perfect place for you, if you love nature. Flowers, trees, flower house made of tradition, Balu river (বালু নদি) will surely refresh you. Although Dhaka is known as a city of traffic jams and dust but still villages and nature can still be found in its vicinity. Beraid village of Badda thana is such a place in Dhaka. And Thikana is located in this village on the Balu river bank. So for boating is available as well outside of Thikana but you have to arrange by your own. Petunia (পেটুনিয়া) flower, chrysanthemum (চন্দ্রমল্লিকা) flower, DIanthus flower, bamboo crafts are used mostly to decorate Thikana. Flowers are subject to change as per season & blooming calendar. Butterflies, bees & birds are are seen often here because of its nature & atmosphere.

Afrin, Entrepreneur of Thikana:

Afrin Taiyeba Alif, a young nature lover who has just passed adolescence and whose love for nature is the cause of Thikana. Next to Thikana there is country’s largest kitchen named “Khans Kitchen” owned and run by Afrin’s father Alif Khan. In that respect Afrin use to visit this place constantly, and got the business idea in Mind. Initial plan is to develop a coffee shop, but later it converted it into a beautiful restaurant & coffee shop together. Initial decorative plan came from Afrin’s father as he seen same sort of things in China & Japan.

Making of Thikana:

The main dwelling house is looks alike of traditional house of Nepal & Japan. But it is actually inspired from Traditional box houses of Bikrampu of Munshigonj district. To be more specific the dwelling house idea came from Rizia’s traditional house located at Bikrampur. The restaurant flower house is architected by Bikrampur’s local architect as well as Rizia’s house. The flower seeds were collected from China, Japan, India & Jessore district of Bangladesh. Petunia is a January to April blooming flower. Flower may will change according to season.

Entry Fees & costing at Thikana:

  • Thikana is 6.3 kilometer away from Vatara thana. Vatara thana to Thikana will cost approximate 200 taka in CNG Autorickshaw, 150 Taka in RIckshaw.
  • Also you can hire rickshaw from Badda to visit Thikana. Hire rickshaw or CNG from Hossain Market to reach Thikana.
  • Entry fee is 200 taka per person in Thikana. Entry fee is adjustable with food bill. That means entry fee is waved if you are ordering food.
  • You can purchase Petunia and other flower plant from Thikana. Depending on category it will cost 150 to 400 taka.

Contact Number & address of Thikana:

  • Thikana, 100 feet, Madani Avenue, Bara Beraid, Badda, Dhaka 1212
  • Mobile: +8801726666663 (For booking & reservation)

How to go Thikana Day Outers:

Thikana is just only 7.7 Kilometer away from Gulshan-2 circle & 6.3 kilometer away from Vatara thana (Opposite of Thailand ambassy). It is easily accessible by rickshaw, car or private vehicle.

Opening hours:

Thikana is open from 11.00 AM to 10.00 PM and it is open 7 days of week.

Foods at Thikana:

Fast foods, Soft Drinks, Juice, Kebab, Rice & Curry is available in Thika as Lunch, Evening snacks & dinner.

Things to do in Thikana:

When it is Thikana then it is all about enjoying the beauty of nature along with foods & flower. Keep enough time in hand to relax and feel the nature. Capture amazing picture & view of Thikana. Boating is a good option to spend some time. Need to arrange boat rent by own.

Tips for visitors:

  • Try to visit Thikana on working days to avoid traffic and rush in Thikana. There is huge traffic and huge number of people gathering on Friday & holidays. So, it is better to avoid Friday & holidays.
  • If possible visit Thikana between 11.00 AM to 3.00 PM, because after 3.00 PM lots of people started arriving and it becomes much crowdy.
  • If you have plan to stay over there at evening or afterward try to keep Odomos or any other mosquito repellent cream, because due to the lighting and its atmosphere a lot of mosquito arrives there after evening.
  • Bring mat with you if you are planning to spend few more hours. It will be handy to relax.
  • Do not bring foods with you cause outside foods are not allowed at Thikana.

Thikana on Google Map: