The bridge over Rupsha River is named as Khan Jahan Ali Bridge. The bridge is popular as “Rupsha Bridge (রূপসা সেতু)” as per the Rupsha rivers name. People faced a lot of hassle and journey to Khulna was much time consuming before making of Rusha bridge, because there was no road link to Khulna earlier than Rupsha bridge. Rupsha bridge is called gateway of Khulna city. This bridge also connected Khulna city with Bangladesh’s second largest seaport Mongla of Bagerhat district. Rupsha bridge construction started May’2001 and completed on April’2005. Rupsha bridge was opened for serve from May’2005.

Beauty of Rupsha Bridge:

Lot of tourist visits Rupsha bridge everyday because of its mind blowing view. Sun set, gentle breeze, beauty of Rupsha river, the city view from the bridge attract tourists. Have a short break over here if you are roaming around Khulna city, to enjoy the charming nature.

Making and costing of Rupsha Bridge:

Rupsha Shetu construction started at May’2001 and finished on April’2005. The Khan Jahan Ali bridge was designed & supervised by Pacific Consultant International in association with JOC, CES, DDC. Japan invested the majority fund for the making of Rupsha Bridge. The Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) funded 373.87 crore BDT. Rest of 197.87 crore BDT was invested by Bangladesh Government out of total 521.74 crore BDT costing. The construction of the bridge obstructed twice between July-Dec’2004, as the extremist group Purba Banglar Communist Party (PBCP) attacked the site demanding toll.

Length & Width of Rupsha Bridge:

Rupsha Shetu 4.8 kilometer away from the Khulna city. Total length of the bridge is 1.6 kilometer & width is 16.48 meters. Effective width is 13.5 meter out of total 16.48 meter. Check out Ruposhi Bangla’s video on Rupsha bridge:

Places to visit around in Khulna city:

  • Hadis Park: Hadis Park is located at the center of Khulna City.
  • Khulna University
  • Mongla seaport: Mongla seaport is 2nd largest seaport of Bangladesh, is 51 Kilometer away from Khulna city.
  • Koromjol: Koromjol is the entry path of largest mangrove forest.

Famous foods to eat in Khulna:

  • Chui Jhal: Beef & Mutton curry cooked with Chui jhaal/pepper (চুই ঝাল). There is few restaurants in zero point sales Chui Jhal recipe. Go to nearby bazaar, If you would like to buy Chui Pepper to bring home.
  • Juice: Juice corners located at Khulna University hall road is gem. Visitors surely will love different type of authentic juice here. “Kader Juice Corner” is Editors choice. Lest of pistachio nuts (পেস্তা বাদামের লাচ্ছি) & Tamarind juice (তেঁতুলের জুস) is editors preference. Mobile: 8801913727275
  • Al Jamils Fish Grill & BBQ: Al Jamil is familiar here for his boneless fish Bar-B-Que (BBQ). Pay visit early night to have the taste of Al Jamils fish grill & BBQ. You surely will love it, if you are a food lover. Mobile: 88001790013666

How to go Khan Jahan Ali Bridge/Rupsha Bridge:

From Dhaka several bus services is available to Khulna. Hanif Enterprise, Eagle Paribahan & Green Line is popular bus services here. Find bus counters location nd mobile number below:

Counter LocationHanif EnterpriseGreen LineEagle Paribahan
Gabtoli Bus Terminal, Dhaka88028015366, 88028011750, 8802900338088017300600128801779492999
Hotel Royal Circle counter, Khulna880418104518801713049562, 8804181045188041725770, 88041724583
Shivbari More Counter, Khulna880418104528804172399688041724760
Sonadnga Counter, Khulna8804181045388041810542, 8804181045388041731160, 88041723316
Fakirapool Counter, Dhaka8801713049557880293565068801779492952
Kalabagan Counter, Dhaka880171340264188029112287
Sayedabad Counter, Dhaka8801713049559880275527398801793328045
Kalyanpur Counter, Dhaka8801713049573, 880290157828801713049540, 8801713049541, 8801713049543, 880290102128801779492989

Auto Rickshaw service is available from Khulna city to reach Rupsha bridge. Navigate with google Map if you are visiting with private vehicle.

Rupsha Bridge on Google Map: