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Today we came to “Shuktara Nature Retreat” a little outside the city, a little distance from Shah Paran Mazar. This resort also has a Bengali name is শুকতারা প্রকৃতি নিবাস. Shuktara, Nature, Retreat. Every word is embodied in every nook and cranny of this resort with a touch of art…

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Although I always enjoy traveling, traveling is really tiring. After traveling from Dhaka to Bangkok we are running towards our hotel with a tired body. We will stay in Bangkok for the next two days at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok Hotel located right next to the Erawan Shrine. Grand…

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Today’s article is about necessary preparations and information for Dhaka to Thailand tour. In today’s article, we will cover detail of Thailand visa processing along with processing costs, required documents, airfare, and all the details which we hope will be helpful for your next travel to Bangkok. So keep reading…