Khoiyachora Waterfall (খৈয়াছড়া ঝর্ণা) is the biggest waterfall in Bangladesh, Located at Mirershorai (মিরেরসরাই) of Chittagong District. It is called as the Queen of Waterfalls by local travelers for its size, beauty and never ending greenery. Khoiyachora waterfall has 9 levels & this is one of the unique things about the waterfall. It seems each level is more beautiful than another level.

What we loved at Khoiyachora Waterfall:

The walk towards the waterfall in between pure greenery is really enjoyable. The short hiking, climbing into the muddy & slippery hill was adventurous. And in the breaks, cold clear water from the waterfall is good enough to heal all the pain of the tough journey to climb a 2000 feet high hill from the sea level. The chirping of the birds, The magical sound of water that followed us up to the top is mind blowing.

How to go Khoiyachora waterfall:

Khoiyachora waterfall is located 200 Km south from Dhaka, 60 Km north from Chattogram. And just 40 Km away from Feni Sadar Upazila. Feni is a better choice for staying ahead of the tour. Try to reach the place as early as possible in the morning during public holidays. Left the bus at Borotakia Bazar Uttor kendrik Masjid (Dropping point on google map is 22.758327159691195, 91.58450208459575). You have to follow the road on the left you are approaching from Dhaka or Feni. And the road will be at your right if you are approaching from Chittagong.

CNG driven vehicle services are available from here to another 1 Km towards Khoiyachora waterfall. Better to leave the personal or rented vehicles near the rail crossing. And now it’s time to start trekking. After a 20-30 minutes walk you will suddenly find a water stream. Follow the water stream and it will guide you towards the bottom of the Khoiyachora Jhorna (GPS coordinates at 22.769931788944362, 91.61238632926633). Completing reaching the top of the waterfall will take 1.30-2 hours depending on walking speed.

Khoiyachora Waterfall entry ticket price:

Entry fee is 20 Taka per person at Khoiyachora waterfall. Collect your ticket from the ticket booth and start trekking again.

Foods & What to eat at the trip:

Keep mineral water and some dry food while trekking towards the waterfall. On the way you can have the taste of lemon juice (Lemonade). Lemon juice will cost 10 Taka per glass. These fresh lemon juice is refreshing. You will notice several restaurants during trekking. You can make a pre-order to have lunch during your return trekking. “Jhorna Restaurant (ঝর্ণা রেস্টুরেন্ট)” seems popular here. We had our lunch here for 6 people. 1 full country duck curry, Daal, Plain rice, Mashed potato & Salad costs us 1200 Taka. We were very happy with both the food quality and quantity.

Khoiyachora tour costing:

Dhaka to Feni Sadar: 350 Taka per person (Star Line Special Limited)
Feni to Baro Takiya: 50 Taka per person (Local bus/ CNG)
Boro Takiya to nearby Waterfall area: 20 Taka per person (CNG/ Tourist jeep)
Entry fee: 20 Taka per person
Breakfast: 50 Taka per person
Lunch: Apx. 200-250 Taka per person
Nearby Waterfall area to Boro Takiya: 20 Taka per person (CNG/ Tourist jeep)
Boro Takiya to Feni: 50 Taka per person (Local bus/ CNG)
Feni Sadar/ Mohipal to Dhaka: 350 Taka per person (Star Line Special Limited)

Khoiyachora Waterfall travel tips:

Do not carry a lot of stuff during trekking. Try to be as light as possible.
Trekking shoes are highly recommended.
Use an anklet if you are not using trekking shoes.
Buy a trekking stick from the entrance of the waterfall area.
Do not keep other things in hand except trekking stock.
Bring trekking rope & a small knife if you have plans to visit the highest level of waterfall.
Do not leave indigestible waste inside the waterfall area.