Camping is fun & when kayaking is added with camping is the best fun you may have in a tour. There are very few tourist spots in Bangladesh where you can have both. And the best thing is you will feel more relaxed when you will get ready support for camping & kayaking. In our earlier post we covered detail about Mohamaya lake located in Mirshorai, Chittagong. Yes this is the place where you can have the amazing experience of night camping & kayaking. Bangladesh Scouts have made the things possible for the tourists. And a big thanks to them for offering a very attractive and affordable camping package.

What is included in the Mohamaya lake camping package:

The number of facilities Mohamaya Lake authority is offering against the minimal package cost is really surprisingly good.

  • Tent.
  • Camp Firing.
  • Bar-B-Q (quarter chicken & 2 pieces of bread)
  • Dinner ( Plain rice, Vorta, Chicken, Daal )
  • Breakfast ( Egg & Hotchpotch )
  • Hill trekking facility.
  • Toilet arrangement.
What is not included in the package:

You may expect kayaking within the package. But to confirm you before your planning, Kayaking is not included in the package. For kayaking you have to pay 300 Taka per hour. 1 kayaking boat designed for 2 persons.

Costing for the camping:

A 1 night camping package will cost 599 Taka per person. To avail the package you have to order a minimum of 5 packages.

Mohamaya Lake Camping Duration:

Above camping package is for 1 day camping at Mohamaya Lake. To be exact the package is for a 13 hours camping at Mohamaya lake starts at 7.00 PM & finishes at 8.00 AM.

How to book camping packages at Mohamaya Lake:

For booking call at below number. Have to pay 1020 taka in advance through bKash for package booking.
Call for camping package booking at Mohamaya lake : 01837085074

Things to do in Mohamaya Lake:
  • Enjoy the natural atmosphere.
  • Have kayaking.
  • Take a ride towards the lake and see the beauty around the lake.
  • Enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the morning.
  • Take great pictures of nature and portraits.
  • Do hill trekking activities.
Things to keep in mind (Notes) :

Womens are not allowed here for night camping in Mohamaya Lake. As well as do not carry any prohibited or illegal drugs & alcohol during the trip/camping. Do not throw dirt & plastics everywhere, rather through it in the designated places.