What is better than green lands to visit if you are in love of nature! Madhabpur (মাধবপুর) located in Sreemangal, Moulvibazar is such a place people love to visit for its very natural green views of tea gardens along with hills, lake & wild life.

History of Madhabpur Lake:

To cultivate tea water supply is a major requirement. There no massive challenge because of frequent rainfall all over the year. But rain water doesn’t stays in the tea field for long as the lands are sloppy. So, to keep the water flow frequent most the tea states developed its own water reserving system. Madhabpur lake was developed with the same intention to preserve the water for seamless tea cultivation. In the year of 1965 Madhabpur lake was developed by barraging 3 hills initiated by the Madhabpur tea state concern.

About Madhabpur Lake:

Madhabpur lake is approximate 3 kilometer in length. The width of the lake is 50-100 meter. There is a thin walking path to walk around the lake. Indian border areas hills are visible from the south sides hill of Madhabpur lake. Madhabpur lake is restricted to visit out of 8.00-18.00 hour. Inside the tea state there is a Tea processing center, Tea sales center & Masjid. Aside of Tea garden & lake you will find other herbal plants, wood trees, rubber trees are spotted there. in the water of the lake you will find aquatic and migratory birds such as ducks, sarali, pankauri, jalpipi etc. Fishing in the lake is prohibited. Monkey, weasel are also spotted in the hills & trees.

How to travel to Madhabpur Lake:

Madhabpur is 182 kilometer away from the Dhaka city (Capital of Bangladesh). It takes 5 hours to reach in Sreemangal (শ্রীমঙ্গল) if you are visiting by bus or private car. Shyamoli Paribahan (NR), Shyamoli Paribahan (SP), Ena Transport & Hanif Enterprise Non AC bus are available for Dhaka to Sreemongol route. They will charge 380 taka as rent of each seat in the bus. From Sreemanglal you can hire local transport for visit Madhabpur lake & things around. Madhabpur lake is 20 killometer away from Sreemangal city. it takes 40-50 minutes by local transports such as tourist Jip, CNG auto rickshaw.

Point of Interest:

  • Enjoy tea gardens beauty and greenery on the way to Madhabpur lake from Sreemangal.
  • Enjoy the calmness & blue/Green water of Madhabpur Lake.
  • Walk around the lake.
  • Green beauty of Madhabpur Tea Garden.
  • Take great Selfie, Portrait & Landscape photos in the greenery.
  • Buy authentic tea from the National tea sales center.
  • Wild animals & birds presence.

Places to visit around:

  • Lawachara National Park (লাউয়াছড়া). 14.7 kilometer away from Sreemongol.
  • Humhum Waterfall (হামহাম ঝর্ণা). 43 kilometer away from Sreemongol.
  • Baikka Beel (বাইক্কা বিল). 21 kilometer away from Sreemangal.
  • Neelkantha Tea stall (Famous for 8 color tea). Inside sreemangal city.
  • Monipuri Village (Nearby Srimangal city). Famous for handicrafts.


  • Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf
    Srimongal, Moulvibazar – 3210, Bangladesh
    Contact: +880862673001 , +8801730793501
    Website: https://www.grandsultanresort.com/
  • DuSai Resort & Spa
    Srimangal Road, Highway Giashnagar Road., 3200
    Contact: +8801617005511
    Website: https://www.dusairesorts.com/
  • Grand Selim Resort & Tour
    Ramnagar, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar, Bangladesh
    Contact: +8801678173185
    Website: Grand Selim Resort
  • Sreemangal Tea Resort
    Bangladesh Tea Board, Vanugach Road, Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
    Contact: ++8801749014306


Most of the hotels here around have their own arrangement for complementary breakfast as well as they have restaurant for lunch & dinner too. In Madhabpur lake there is no arrangement for food. So you have to back to Sreemangal for Lunch or dinner. Panshi is the most popular restaurant here around for their variety of foods & locality.

Tips for Tourists:

  • Fishing & boating not available in the lake as well as swimming is prohibited too.
  • You will find authentic organic honey here.
  • Buy authentic tea from the National tea sales center.
  • Enjoy 8 color layer tea from Nilkantha tea cabin, Sreemangal.
  • Hills are slippery during the rainy season. Walk with caution.

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