Once a Year go for somewhere you have never been before. But sometime its difficult to manage time for travelling due to busy & hectic life & professional events. For those we are introducing a new series of articles called “One Day Trip” & here Ruposhi-Bangla will cover places that can be visited and covered within a single day. This first article of our “One Day Trip” series.

Things to know about Rangamati:

Rangamati is 308 Kilometer away from Dhaka & 77 Kilometer from Chittagong (Chattogram). Rangamati District was established at 20th June of 1860. It was named and known as Karpas Mahal (কার্পাস মহল) earlier than 1860. Rangamati is 6116.13 Square Kilometer in size & its surrounded by Tripura at its North & Mizoram at east of Rangamati. Rangamati is familiar among tourists for its amazingly beautiful landscape, Kaptai Lake (কাপ্তাই হ্রদ), The Hanging Bridge (ঝুলন্ত সেতু), Scenic beauty of hills & water, presence of Flora & Fauna, Indigenous groups of Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Murong, Bom, Khumi, Kheyang, Chak, Pangkhowa, Lusai, Rakhain & the culture & tradition of these Indigenous groups.

Trip/Tour Plan to Rangamati:

Better to plan for a group tour of at least of 5 person to reduce the trip cost. Bus & Train both available for Transportation towards Chittagong from Dhaka. But Ruposhi Bangla prefers Train for better comfortable journey. There is two train scheduled at night from Dhaka station to Chittagong.

Mahanagar Express:

Mahanagar Express starts at 9.20 PM from Dhaka station & arrives Chittagong station at 4.50 AM. Fare starts from 90 Tk & available up to 1179 Tk as per facilities & service.

Turna Express:

Turna Express starts at 11.30 PM from Dhaka Kamlapur station & arrives Chittagong station at 6.20 AM. Fare starts from 90 Tk & available up to 1179 Tk as per facilities & service.

BRTC bus counter is very nearby from Chittagong rail station. First BRTC Bus is scheduled at 7.00 AM from Chittagong towards Rangamati. Complete your breakfast in the meanwhile. It will take 2.5 Hours to 3 Hours to reach Rangamati. It will be 10.00 AM approximately to reach the destination. The Boat station is at walking distance from the Bus stand. After Reaching Rangamati hire a boat as per your convenient. A two storied boat with washroom facility will cost approximately 2000 taka for 6-7 hours. Check out the below sights while wandering around the chest of Kaptai lake.

Places to Visit in Rangamati:

Shublong Waterfall (সুবলং ঝর্ণা):

There is two waterfall in Shuvolong. Both are located side by side. There is no water in the bigger one. But you will find water and fall in the smaller one. After August there is plenty of water & fall in the both of waterfall. You can have waterfall bath over here. You have to pay 15 Taka as ticket price to enter the waterfall area.

The Golden Statue (স্বর্ণমূর্তি):

While exploring the heavenly beauty of Kapatai lake you will able to enjoy extraordinary view of ShornoMondir from the lake. Please avoid using sandals, shoes or such things while visiting inside the Mondir. There is a small Bazar/Market nearby Shorno Mandir. You can purchase local indigenous people’s hand made dresses, towel or local foods from here. The locals here seems very humble & modest. Don’t do any such things that hurts the locals sentiment.

The Hanging Bridge (ঝুলন্ত ব্রিজ):

The Hanging Bridge over the lake is called “Jhulonto Bridge” in Bangla. This may one of the most clicked photo of Rangamati over the years. Ticket price for Hanging Bridge is 20 Taka per person. And garaging the boat will cost 50 Taka.

Chang Pang Restaurant (চাং পাং রেস্টুরেন্ট):

Chang Pang Restaurant is our suggested option for lunch. The amazing view of Kaptai lake will increase the taste of your food here. Just imagine, you are having the traditional food of Rangamati here along with the view of Kaptai lake & the calmness off hills. It will increase the taste of food for sure. Traditional Bamboo Chicken, Smashed Dry Fish, local fishes curry, rice are available here at lunch. For group of of people it will cost approximate 200 per person for lunch ( Costing depends on order quantity & number of item ordered).

Costing Details:

Dhaka to Chittagong & Chittagong to Dhaka train fare: 690 Taka (345*2). Shulov Chair.
Chittagong to Rangamati & Rangamati to Chittagong Bus fare: 260 Taka (130*2)
Boat fare: 400 per person. (2000 Taka per Boat. 400 per person if the group of tourist size is 5)
Breakfast: 50-80 Taka
Lunch: 200 Taka
Ticket & Others: 200 Taka
Approximate cost for per person will be about 1800 Taka. Actual cost may vary depending on food consumption, Group size & choice of transportation.

Tips For Tourists:

  • Try to use Mahanagar Express if you are going for one day trip & want to catch the first scheduled bus of BRTC towards Rangamati.
  • Negotiate while rent the boat. Negotiate both of Fare & hour of rent as well as clarify the spots you want to cover.
  • Try Bamboo chicken, Lake’s local captured fish recipes in lunch.
  • Take stunning photos & selfies.
  • Buy local organic hill fruits for home.