Things to know about Nijhum Dip:

Sea view from nijhum dip

Nijhum Dip or Nijhum Island is located in Hatiya sub district of Noakhali district. Nijuhum dip is familiar for the very much familiar for its natural landscape & beauty. Geographically this is not a island rather this is a sand land. Earlier this was names as Char Osmani & Baliar Char. Mr. Amirul Islam Kalam the parliament member of Hatiya changed the name to Nijhum Dip in 1975. The total size of this island is 14050 acre/ 56.9 square kilometer.
Sun set in Nijhum Dip

Things to enjoy in Nijhum Dip:

Deer in Nijhum Dip Forest

All the things Nijhum dip have is Natural beauty & the beautiful landscape. The sun set & sun rises scene here is amazing to enjoy. The fresh air here will blow your mind. The fresh fish over here is a blessing. In total this is a perfect place for people who is looking for a precise leisure with friends & family. Chawdhurir Khal, Mangrove forest & Kobirajer Char is the must see places in Nijhum Dip. Be careful while visiting mangrove forest cause the root of the mangrove forests tree is too much sharp & it can bleed you. In this part you can see the deer moving inside the forest also. And in the evening the color combination of nature is mind blowing. Inside the forest you can hear the singing of birds & the call of deer. On the way back to hotel you can enjoy the amazing view of sunset.
At next day morning before sun rises go to Nijhum Dip sea beach to enjoy the gathering of Red crab.
Nijhum dip is also popular for Hilsha fish. try it.
Forest Entrance at Nijhum Dip

How to travel Nijhum Dip:

From Mohakhali, Sayedabad & Komlapur (Dhaka) you have to travel towards Sonapur, Noakhali using any of Asia classic, Asia line, Ekushe express or Himachol express transport service.
From Sonapur you have to travel towards Chairman ghat by CNG driven auto rickshaw.
From Chairman Ghat you have to travel towards Nolchira ghat by troller boat. And then towards Zahajmara bazar from Chairman ghat by local bus.
Then Zahajmara bazar to Muktaria ghat by Motor bike. After that finally to Nijhum Dip using boat.
Also you can hire troller boat directly to Nijhum Dip from Chairman Ghat. For this you have to hire troller boat in advance and that will be costly for sure. But this is recommended if you are visiting Nijhum Dip in a group.

Also there is a direct Launch service including modern amenities to Tomroddi ghat of Hatiya from Sadarghat, Dhaka at 5.00 pm everyday. This reaches to destination 8.00 am next day that ruposhi Bangla prefers. Also there is a same return service starts from Tomruddi ghat to Sadarghat, Dhaka at 12.30 pm everyday and reaches Dhaka at 5.00 am of next day.

Natural view at Nijhum Dip

Sun Rising at Nijhum Dip

Sunset Nijhum Dip

Night at Nijhum DIp

Sea during sun set at Nijhum Dip

Hotels & accommodation arrangement in Nijhum Dip:

There is very few hotels in Nijgum Dip and mostly serves good but do not expect 3-5 star quality.

Hotel Nijhum sea palace:
Contact Number: Mob: +8801744845222

Nijhum dreamland resort:
Contact number:
Dhaka booking office +8801847123573
Nijhum Dip booking office + 8801847123572

Shaheen Hotel:
Contact number +8801863150881

Fare & costing in Nijhum Dip:

Transportation cost:
Sadarghat, Dhaka to Hatiya: In launch it will cost 200 tk in launch deck, 900 tk for single cabin and 1800 tk for double cabin.
Tamruddir ghat to Muktaria ghat will cost 200 tk per motor bike.
Other transport cost depends on negotiation.
For guide cost will be 50-200 tk per day.
Boat for visiting in Nijhum DIP for one day will cost 1000-1500 tk.
Food are cheap at price here.

Hotel rent:
Room rent in hotels in Nijhum Dip is cheap also. The room rent starts from 1000 tk and up to 2500 tk per day.