Tetulia is located at the edge of the northern side of Bangladesh. Tetulia is a sub district of Panchagarh district. This place is famous for the tea states & the beautiful view of Indian border and Himalaya, Kanchanjangha. You may have query in mind that which time of the year is the best time to enjoy Kanchanjangha view & the answer is if you are there to enjoy the view of Kanchanjangha you must Tetulia by October to November. To enjoy the view of Kanchanjangha you have to wake up early in the morning. And need to attend by the border of country to enjoy the charming natural beauty.

Kanchanjangha from Tetulia Dak Banglo

Plan your Trip:
Plan for a 2 days & 1 night trip if you are moving towards Tetulia from Dhaka for a short trip, otherwise your trip will be hectic instead of pleasure. Both of bus & train service is available towards Panchagarh from Dhaka. And afterwards you have to travel by local bus or CNG driven vehicle.

Places to see around Tetulia:
The beauty of Tetulia can be seen at the very early morning only. So better if you reach Panchagarh by morning see what available around the city to enjoy. You can hire a local vehicle like Auto-Rickshaw to visit those nearby places. Here is a list below for your reference:
i. Rocks Museum.
ii. Moharajar Dighi.
iii. Mirjapur Shahi Masjid.
iv. Oli Auliar Majar.

After visiting above places you can start towards Tetulia by 5.00 pm of evening, otherwise you will not get any bus services to Tetulia from Panchagarh. Set your alarm at 5.00 am for next day morning rather you will miss the main attraction of Tetulia, The view of Kanchajangha. You can enjoy the view from Dak Banglo view point. The view of Mahananda river & Kanchanjangha surely will be pleasing.

Places to Visit in Tetulia:
After finishing the eye tranquilizing by enjoying morning view later you can went out for below points to enjoy the beautiful landscape over there.
i. Kazi & Kazi tea state.
ii. Anandodhara Resort.
iii. Lifting stones in rivers during day time.
iv. Banglabandha zero point.

And off course take a selfie under the Tamarind tree of Tetulia Bazar. Tetulia is named by this tree. Tamarind means tetul in Bengali.

Banglabandha zero point

Himaloy view from Tetulia

Kanchanjangha from Tetulia
Accommodation arrangement:
There is very few hotel over there in Tetulia & mostly in Tetulia Bazar. Those can be called boarding instead of hotel. The government Dak Banglo is the best place over there for accommodation. Room rent in Dak Banglo is in between 700-1200 BDT per day. You can contact 01751026225 for reservation.

Costing & transport expenses:
Train seat fare: 550 BDT for Shovon chair at Drutojan express & Ekota express
Auto Rickshaw fare for Panchagarh spot visit: 600-800 BDT.
Food & Others: Other fare depends on negotiation. Foods are much cheaper compared to Dhaka.