Sunset at Moinot Ghat

Moinot Ghat is a very good natural place in Dohar (nearby Dhaka city) for a single day trip with family & friend. Moinot Ghat is also called as Mini sea beach by local people for its amazing river view with infinite waves in the water. The mighty Padma river is the main point of attraction in Moinot Ghat. Faridpur districts Gopalpur is located in the opposite part of Moinot Ghat. The large sand-land in the bank of Padma river seems like the sea beach & the wavy Padma becomes the sea in the eye of travel thirsty people. You can spent a good time by boating here & also can walk along side the bank of the river during the sun set.

Beautiful Moinot Ghat The mini Coxsbazar

Things to enjoy:
Moinot Ghat is very popular among peoples living nearby Dhaka city as Moinot Ghat is very nearby Dhaka city. In fact the location is inside the Dhaka District. You can enjoy the beauty of Padma river from Moinot ghat along with the natural richness, greenery & huge sand-land in the bank of the river. You can soak into the water of Padma if you love to & you can enjoy the beautiful sunset from Moinot Ghat also. In around & nearby you can visit Adnan Palace, The Old Kings Palace & Khelaram Datar Palace also.

Beauty of Moinot Ghat

How to Travel to Moinot Ghat:
From infront of Golap Shah Mazar, Dhaka lot of bus travels toward Dohar but only “Jamuna Deluxe” bus service went to Moinot Ghat. It will take 2 hours only to reach Moinot Ghat from Gulistan. From Moinot Ghat to DHaka last bus service starts at 6.00 PM. So if you have plan to visit there be prepare to return to Moinot Ghat bus stand by 6.00 PM.

If you have plan to visit Judge House (Jojbari), Advocate House (Ukilbari), Kokilpari Dalan, Andhar Kotha, Khelaram Datar Kotha you have to left the bus at Kolakopa area. Or you can hire CNG driven auto rickshaw to visit those points.

Padma in Moinot Ghat

Fishing Nearby Moinot Ghat

Accommodation arrangement:
Till now there is no arrangements for accommodation in Moinot Ghat area. So if you have plan to visit Moinot Ghat please be prepared to return back to Dhaka on the same day.

Foods arrangement in Moinot Ghat:
There is few restaurants at Moinot Ghat. So if you are visit the place at noon you can have lunch there with the fresh fish of Padma. Hilsha is a popular fish over there that you can try but negotiate before ordering foods. Also you can try the nearby sweets of “Ranjit & Niranjan mishtanno vandar” in Kartikpur. The mostly popular sweets are Chanar Rasogolla (180-200 tk/Kg), Chomchom & Kalojam (160 tk/Kg), Balusha (140 tk/Kg), Doi/Card (140/Kg), Rasamalai (300 tk/Kg).

Street Food at Moinot Ghat

Bus fare & costing:
Per person fare for Jamuna Deluxe is 90 BDT.
CNG driven auto rickshaw fare depends on negotiation.
Food costs depends on negotiation & order size.